Ctirad Nedbálek

I have known Petr for almost 10 years and had the great opportunity to be his colleague, client, business partner, but foremost, a friend. Petr helped me to enter the HR world and to understand all its beauties and challenges. Petr has been a valuable resourcing business partner too. Not because of WHAT he has been doing (many people can do the same) but because of HOW he has been doing that. His approach is so different from the "average" - focused on quality, using real and strong people networks and understanding perfectly the business. To have Petr by my side gives me the confidence, that I have a great business supplier whenever I need it, that I will have an extensive and professional support should I need to change my job one day, but the most important is - that from time to time we meet for an enjoyable breakfest in our canteen :-)