Miroslava Bozděchová

I've known Petr for several years and can say that he is of my close friends. I met him at a time when I was searching for work and he has often helped me to locate the right people for the necessary positions in the company. He was able to help me and my colleagues, at difficult times and help us see the bright side of life. Probably one of Peter's greatest qualities is his effort to help others overcome their own fears and their personal barriers, helping them find their own unique path. Peter is an open, sensitive man who loves the world and all people in it, no matter what their faults may be, loves his family and is an excellent partner and friend. Finally – Petr is constantly hungry for more knowledge, looking for new roads to travel and mountains to climb. He is always searching for greater insight and perspective☺. Insights and perspectives that he shares with all who need them.