Zuzana Kabelková

Some people do not really want honesty. These people will not last long with Peter. I highly recommend Petr to anyone who deeply wishes to develop as a leader and a person in a professional environment. He focuses attention on the real-world that surrounds us, without making it all about theory, or all about himself - bad habits that hold back some practitioners in this field.
Peter’s multitude of interests and connections, world-wide, made him an invaluable resource to me and our organization. I've often wondered about the deep source of his energy, resourcefulness and results-orientation: I'm sure it was our common passion for continuous learning and for creating spaces for other leaders to learn and grow beyond their limits. He was a tremendous support to our company during its time of transition and great turmoil. He had led me through the choices to a course of action that was completely my own. Instead of an answer, he had given me a path.

A maverick, a rock, a fighter and a saint - you want him in your corner. I swear, Petr will make a profound difference with you on behalf of what you care about most deeply.