Monika Rousová
December 9, 2015

Petr helped us with an uneasy task: to find a new member for our team, ideally a U.S. citizen, for the strategic position of Sales Vice President for the USA. It is not easy to find a consultant in our country who can truly listen to people and who understands the business. We could afford this luxury, since Petr’s listening skills are, thanks to his many years of coaching experience, luxurious. Our cooperation was seamless, since Petr was very good at identifying our needs, getting an insight into our corporate culture and understanding the way how we do business. Based on this information, he consistently applied the relevant selection criteria.
I have known Petr for many years and to me, he is an example of a persistent person who constantly strives for personal development and looks for new opportunities while being kind and friendly at the same time. I can recommend him not only for his headhunting capabilities but also for his coaching skills.